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Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale Data Centers The hyperscale data center is reshaping the global IT landscape, shifting data from on-premise to centralized data center hubs. As a result, data is flowing out of computer rooms and IT closets and into the world’s largest and most efficient data center facilities, which are designed to easily add more servers and power… Continue reading Hyperscale Data Centers

Quality 101 Point Inspection Checks

Quality 101 Point Inspection Checks Equipment is carefully inspected for damages upon arriving at our warehouse. Each cover and component, including the chassis, is examined for dings, dents, scratches, and bends. Special attention is paid to delicate plastics that can be easily damaged from the weight of the chassis shifting during transport. Part numbers are… Continue reading Quality 101 Point Inspection Checks


STACK AND RACK Eliminate the labor-intensive tasks. Let 1Cyber assemble, rack and cable your datacenter equipment — at your site or before it ships With 1Cyber’s Rack and Stack Logistics Solutions, you’ll eliminate the labor-intensive tasks that must occur each and every time new a server cluster, storage device(s) or networking gear is installed. 1Cyber… Continue reading Rack-and-Stack