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Virtualisation Service

Get the most out of your IT Infrastructure investment by virtualising core services, reducing your costs, adding resilience and improving performance.


We will advise you on the services that would benefit most from virtualisation and then we will carefully plan, manage and test your migration to your new virtual environment following industry best practice and using proven technology solutions.

Virtualising can help you avoid the need to invest in more supporting IT infrastructure as your business grows, allowing you to run multiple instances on the same hardware at the same time.

Our virtualisation solutions will provide you with insight into your IT capacity and performance while ensuring that your business-critical applications run optimally at high service levels.

We can offer the following:


  • Server Virtualisation
  • Application Virtualisation
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Hardware Virtualisation
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Storage Virtualisation
  • Operating System (OS) Virtualisation


Transform your technology platform with our proven end-to-end virtualisation solutions.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership by Achieving Higher Capacity Utilisation and making Hardware and Energy Savings


Simplify your infrastructure setup while building in agility and scalability to support your business needs going forward, helping to ensure that you are future ready. Eliminate redundancy, accelerate IT service delivery and reduce operational and support costs, all while increasing performance.

Improved Visibility

By virtualising your IT infrastructure, you do more than just lower your costs, you also get better visibility into your performance bottlenecks, can easily scale your systems and reallocate resources to meet your business demand. You get access to an automated, agile infrastructure that is easier to manage and control.


Get Improved Visibility, Increased Security, a Higher Quality of Service, High Availability and more Flexibility to meet your Ever-Changing Business Needs


Improved Operational Enhancements

We will help you build, run and scale your business workloads, decreasing your time to market for business-critical applications, all while providing improved infrastructure management that will dramatically reduce your operational cost and increase the reliability of your systems.


Management of virtualised solutions is highly efficient, with a number of proven tools available to automate routine tasks.


Operational Enhancements and Improved Ease of Management


Backup and Recovery

Virtualisation makes backups and offsite replication for your data preservation and recovery purposes significantly easier. Virtualised solutions allow for mission-critical applications to be immediately available, with corrupted virtual systems able to be recovered in minutes.


This is because the files that make up a virtual machine can be recovered to any suitable hardware without requiring any changes.

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