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Unraveling Wifi and Network Cabling


Data cabinets can be easily forgotten about and neglected. Left alone in their store rooms or comms cupboards to gather dust and mess! Different contractors and I.T. Staff come and go and before you know it, your data cabinet is so untidy that moving a patch lead or trying to add services becomes a nightmare!


Problems you may have;

  • Data cables not labelled correctly
  • Patch leads crushed into cable management
  • No cable management
  • Network switches hidden behind a patch lead mess
  • Fibre patch leads in danger of getting broken
  • No space behind your rack to work on installing network gear
  • Limited space for cable management because you’ve slowly removed it all to fit more cables in! We’ve seen it all!



  • Upgrade the data cabinet – get more space in there!
  • Upgrade cable management to allow more space to tidy patch leads
  • Re-organise your comms room to allow more space around the rack
  • Label all of your patch panels with large clear and professional traffolyte labels
  • Replace untidy patch leads with correct lengths for ease of use
  • Have backbone cabling records and drawings made up to show where every fibre, phone and copper link goes to!


Your IT network lies at the heart of your business operations. To get work done every day, you need to make sure that your systems and network function properly. Network malfunctions or crashes harm your productivity and profitability and make your business vulnerable to security risks. Let 1Cyber provide you the network stability and reliability your business deserves.

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