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Types of Hosting Solutions

Hosting is considered a very broad term, however, there are a lot of options that fit under this umbrella term depending on your budget, needs and requirements. It can be quite confusing at times when it comes to web hosting, but there are a few major types of website hosting that will be most beneficial.


While they are all a storage place for the data on your website, the biggest differences lie in the reliability, their storage capacity, your technical knowledge requirements, how much control you require and the server speed. The main types of hosting are:


  • Shared Web Hosting: Entry level standard hosting, shared with other websites. This is by far the most common and cost effective hosting plan for less than 1000 page views per month.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): Allows for better control of your data, but without the price tag of a dedicated server. This solution works best for hosting that attracts volumes of less than 10000 page views per month.
  • Dedicated Server Web hosting (DPS): Large amount of data control, without other websites on your server. This solution caters for large amount of web traffic while retaining absolute control over the server hardware less the cost of utilities and logistics.
  • Cloud Web hosting: Hosting option that runs off a cloud network. This solution is most common for creating very agile based web and app solutions hosted on Cloud leaders such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Managed Website Hosting: Where you hire a company to manage your hosting in data centres, along with hardware and software, technical support and maintenance of computer systems. These types of website hosting systems are often used with VMware Workstation.

Shared Web Hosting

Set your business on course for online success with a high-performance Business Web Hosting plan. Whether you have an established, bustling website, or you’re getting started with a brand new venture, our Australian Business Web Hosting plans are packed full of the features you’ll need for a reliable, ultra-quick web hosting experience! Our Business Web Hosting plans are best suited to small and medium-sized businesses with up to 20 staff members.

  • Secure Hosting: Hosting in Australia, our platform offers outstanding performance and reliability.
  • Prepay and Save: No additional admin fees for annual plans
  • cPanel Included: Easily perform tasks and manage your hosting in the one place.
  • 24/7 Support: Our Australian support team is unparalleled in the industry and always open.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

It’s time to ramp up the power with VPS Hosting from 1Cyber. VPS Hosting with 1Cyber gives you the best of both worlds, offering the perfect balance of power and affordability and a great step up from Web Hosting. Our engineers deploy only the best in hardware and infrastructure, with Dell EMC servers and server-grade Intel processors. Tuned for ultra-low latency and web performance, our


Virtual Servers are great for all types of hosting scenarios.
On a 1Cyber VPS, your website or application will have more resources to ensure smooth performance, even under pressure. If you’re looking to get started quickly, our Virtual Machine services come with the added benefit of instant deployment, so you can get your business online without a moment to spare.
Every new 1Cyber VPS comes with ultra-fast, Data Center-grade SSD storage for improved website and database performance.


1Cyber also include class-leading Intel processors in our entire VPS server fleet, providing dependable and consistent performance for when you and your customers need it most. Each VPS is hosted at our Sydney Data Center where DDOS protection comes standard.
1Cyber also offers cPanel Managed VPS plans which include initial server setup, server maintenance, 24x7x365 support, a cPanel/WHM control panel for easy domain management, DDOS protection and much more.


  • cPanel Managed VPS: Peace-of-mind VPS Hosting including 24x7x365 support, automated patching and updates, server hardening, around the clock backups and cPanel.
  • Linux VPS: Need the flexibility of a dedicated server without the high operational costs? Our self-managed VPS plans provide a reliable and cost effective service.
  • Windows VPS: Require a high-performance Windows VPS for your application or website? Choose our self-managed option, now with the latest Server 2019 operating system.

Dedicated Server Web hosting (DPS)

Step up to Dedicated Hosting with 1Cyber. Dedicated is suitable for many scenarios including application hosting, traffic-rich websites, hybrid-cloud environments and off-premise office server hosting.
Dedicated Hosting offers outstanding value over pure cloud services and guaranteed hosting performance. 1Cyber’s huge range of enterprise Dell EMC servers offers unparalleled choice offer, with thousands of configuration possibilities.


With multiple operating systems to choose from as well as individually tailored server specifications, our in-house experts can assist you in customising your hosting infrastructure for optimal performance while minimising operational expenses.


Outgrown your existing Web Hosting? Unlike Shared hosting or Virtual Machines, Dedicated Hosting ensures you website or online application will receive a dedicated, 100% allocation of resources at all times. This means you have access to predictable performance at a fixed monthly cost, offering you certainty in your hosting stack.


  • Dedicated Servers: Take control of your web presence with our powerful dedicated servers. Equipped with Dell Remote Access for ease of access.
  • Managed Servers: OS patching, proactive monitoring, software updates and cPanel; our 24×7 dedicated team can manage these for you.
  • Hardware Firewalls: Resilient and powerful Juniper Firewall solutions to protect your dedicated server.
  • HA Hardware Firewalls: Resilient and powerful dual-Juniper Firewall solutions to protect your dedicated server.
  • Backup Servers: Our hosted Backup Servers are built with ironclad redundancy in mind, with RAID 10 storage and enterprise quality Dell hardware.
  • Colocation: Leverage our network and deploy across 4 Data Center locations across Sydney, including Equinix, APDC, Vocus and GlobalSwitch.

Cloud Web hosting

From keeping the lights on to automating and innovating your most critical cloud systems, our cloud managed services provide you access to teams of experts that will allow you to spend your time growing your business and turning your data into value.
Deploy your business-critical applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure and let us manage your instances and databases while you focus on what you do best.


Put your critical cloud infrastructure, databases and data in the hands of experts who have seen it all before.
Our managed services allow you to extend your team and gain access to new skills, expand across hard to hire skills, quickly deploy and adopt new tools and technologies and become more agile and obtain assistance with transformation.


Let our team of skilful engineers provide you with excellent GCP, AWS, Azure Managed Services. We are more than happy to help you with tailoring individual application service levels to any configuration. Start your cloud journey with us!


  • Amazon Web Services: An innovator of online commerce, it stands to reason that Amazon would develop a robust cloud computing platform for enterprise. The vast global framework and disbursement of Amazon Web Services is what the entire platform is built upon. The service is divided between regions, availability zones (AZ’s), and what are called edge locations. Altogether, AWS has 22 regions located around the world, 14 AZ’s, and 114 edge locations.
  • Microsoft Azure: Known as a solid, integrated platform for companies that already rely on Windows-based standardization, Microsoft Azure has overcome some obstacles to compete head-to-head with AWS. One surprising feature is its Linux-friendliness as it relates to virtual guest operating systems and compatibility with Linux container platforms.
  • Google Cloud Platform: As far as IaaS providers go, Google Cloud Platform is the relative newcomer. It supports several generations of Linux in addition to Windows server versions up to 2016. As of 2018, it had expanded to 21 regions that are divided into a minimum of three zones each. This gives it a shorter reach than the other two providers, but Google is attempting to make up for lack of range in other ways.

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