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Software Licensing Service

We know what a nightmare software licensing can be, with money, time and resource costs when you get it wrong.


We are here to ensure that you get the right software for your business needs, for the right cost. We are also here to help manage your license agreement to ensure that you are covered for the software your business uses.


Together, we will help you avoid costly mistakes, save you money and help you get access to the software that your business needs to succeed.


Using our extensive experience and the knowledge that we have built up working with countless customers, we can help interpret vendor rules, especially when it comes to cloud and hybrid software deployment.

Uncovering the Most Cost-Effective and Flexible way to License your Current Software.

Software licensing has become even more complicated with the introduction of the cloud, with many vendor models becoming even more complex than before. Irrespective of where you run any software, we can ensure that you enjoy the most cost-effective and flexible way of licensing that software.

Ensuring that you and your Business remain Compliant, easily passing any Vendor Software License Audit

There is nothing worse than being advised of a software audit when you licensing isn’t current or organised. You have the pain of potentially uncovering unlicensed software and the subsequent fines, as well as the lost time your team needs to try and find old licensing agreements, some of which could be missed. We take that hassle away for you and help ensure you always remain compliant.

Helping to Ensure that you are only Paying for the Software that you Actually Use.

We have seen so many cases where software has been discontinued but a business keeps paying for licensing annually. We can help you tighten up your systems and ensure that you are only paying for the software that you are actually using as a business.

Save you and your Colleagues Enormous Time and Effort Managing your Software.

Trying to find an elusive license can be a massive pain. It may have been emailed, or posted. It may be in in a filing cabinet, or with your IT Service provider. It is imperative that you have an IT partner with a proven system that you know you can rely on to manage your business software licensing.

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