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Benefits You May Pursue and How We Deliver Them

1Cyber is ready to contribute to your business sustainability by delivering the following benefits:


Comprehensive Multilayer Security
With unique hardware-based security measures that are enabled right out of the box, along with protections below the OS and active monitoring for threats and attacks, 1Cyber provides multilayer security to help protect your business’ resources and data.


Professional Grade Performance
Equipping employees with PCs – from ultralight laptops to high power workstations – built on Intel, 1Cyber amplifies their effectiveness with industry-leading performance tuned for the workloads and applications that business professionals use the most.


Complete Management
The office is everywhere. With PCs on Intel, Mac, Tablets can be everywhere too. 1Cyber brings modern management options to remotely discover, repair, and help protect PCs in your entire organization, which will help simplify support and improve user experience.


Reliable Stability
Demanding design requirements and rigorous testing ensure that all PCs built with 1Cyber deliver a reliable, stable foundation for smoother fleet management and allow you to scale with confidence.

IT Management Costs Reduction

  • We offer reasonable rates for our IT support services governed by an SLA with the details of cooperation.
  • We provide our services remotely when applicable to minimize costs.
  • We combine the efforts of different IT specialists (IT infrastructure architects, cloud administrators, etc.) and optimally utilize support resources (both human and IT) to make our services cost-effective for you.
  • We apply mature ITSM processes combined with IT infrastructure automation practices (e.g., infrastructure as code (IaC)) to deliver our services more efficiently without increasing the amount of needed effort.

Improving Quality and Reliability

  • We offer ITSM based on KPIs and SLOs agreed to provide you with an ability to measure the quality of IT support services we furnish.
  • We deliver a service portal for your users (either internal or external) to improve user experience by getting informative user feedback and quick incident reporting and responding.
  • We ensure a high level of your IT infrastructure automation to decrease the time needed to deliver IT modifications.
  • We ensure thorough and continuous application monitoring to make the performance of your applications flawless and find software defects before end users come across them.

Providing IT Evolution While Keeping IT Reliability High and Costs Reasonable

  • We ensure structured change management: we analyze the areas to be improved in your IT environment, determine the related risks, define the change scope, configure and test the potential changes in a separate IT environment, arrange user acceptance testing, and implement the changes in your IT environment with the minimal downtime.
  • We apply our DevOps expertise, if required, to implement changes in your IT infrastructure promptly and smoothly. We implement a thoroughly designed continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) approach to provide you with more transparency over the development pipeline, automate and accelerate modifications delivery, and improve the overall IT environment reliability.

Reliving Internal IT Management Resources For Other Tasks

  • We proactively improve the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure, as well as promptly solve your technology-related problems before they show themselves and cause damage or downtime in your IT environment.
  • Based on the SLOs stated in the SLA, we self-manage and maintain a high level of IT support services we deliver to you.
  • We build open communication directly with business managers to gather all the possible details on your current business priorities and help you arrange your internal IT resources so that to release them for your higher-priority tasks.

Get Fast, Professional Help  1300-921-105


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