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Design Services

1Cyber is one of the fastest growing IT company in its region that provides Graphic Design service to its clients worldwide. Our Graphic design team can help you in providing all kind of graphics design services including logo design, envelopes, business card, letter head, web design, mobile apps design etc.


We have more than 4+ years of experience in providing you best and effective promotional material for your business. Our talented team of graphic designer are expert in choosing best and unique design for your website that will make a long-lasting impression on your customers. We can provide you any kind of design services as per your business requirements by using the latest and effective designing tools.


With more and more companies and products competing for market recognition online and offline, a well-designed logo is a business advantage that captures the attention of consumers and represents the core values of a brand at a glance. A good logo is more than a generic icon; it’s an embodiment of what a company stands for—a visual ambassador for a brand.

A Logo should be easily recognisable in all format types. You want consumers to remember your brand, whether its on a shirt, billboard or the screen we can ensure your logo reflects your brand and make your business stand out.

Business Cards

A business card is a small, printed, usually credit-card-sized paper card that holds your business details, such as name, contact details and brand logo. Your business card design is an essential part of your branding and should act as a visual extension of your brand design.

Your card is more than just your contact information—it’s a representation of you and your brand. Some people are handed cards every day, so you need yours to both stand out and paint you in a favorable light. Don’t cut corners with designing your business card. Spend ample time coming up with the perfect design and then find a skilled designer to turn your vision into a reality.


Leaflets are an integral part of any print marketing campaign. Unlike simple flyers, leaflets come with a variety of folding options offering more space to hold important information makes leaflets a very collectible item. Conveying detailed messages, leaflets help businesses raise brand awareness and attract wider audiences.

Our highly skilled graphic designers will create you a well designed leaflet, that gets your message across to your audience, we can also help you get them printed.

Social Media Banners

Your social media banner is a visual representation of your brand and what you do. Your social media banner should help your business or brand drive engagement and increase conversion.


A social media banner can serve three different functions on your platforms;

  • It serves as an information tool within your profile page. The banner guides your prospective clients to your site or landing page.
  • It can be used as a marketing tool. The banner can be used in campaigns, whether paid or organic, to increase traffic to your site, or landing page.
  • It can be used as an outreach tool for industry partners or allies to help with reach and awareness for your marketing campaigns.
  • The end goal is always the same with any effective social media banner; create more awareness, drive engagement and increase conversion. Using an effective social media banner will give your company or brand a competitive edge in the social space.


An eye catching media banner is key to boosting your click through rate and engage your audience, our experts can design your banners, social media adds & cover images in line with your brand guidelines.


Signage is without question the most cost effective form of advertising available today so why wouldn’t you utilise the front of your building or building sites to promote your products & services

If your re-designing your business signage or starting a new business, Our graphic design team can give you some great ideas to lift your business profile.


We are surrounded by packaging and sometimes the product packaging can make or break a sale, along with ensuring the product is fully displayed with all its features and benefits ensuring you have an inspirational design is the key to success.


Creating an eye-catching packaging design that suits the product, stands out on crowded shelves, and doesn’t cost a fortune to produce is a real challenge. And now more than ever, there’s the concern of environmental impact. Increasingly, ‘excess’ packaging or non-eco-friendly materials will result in a backlash from potential customers.


Throw in a challenging economic landscape for retailers, and it’s safe to say packaging design isn’t an easy job right now.

Brochures & Newsletters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’ve definitely been handed your fair share of brochures. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic into a new gym location, showcase a property for sale or get the word out about your business, brochures are powerful and effective tools for engaging and educating any audience. But only if your brochure design is on point.


When it comes to brochures, it’s all about the design. A great design will compel your audience to read all about what you’re doing. A less-than-stellar design will end up in the trash can.


An essential part of any marketing strategy is the brochure design, ensuring the key elements are right for a better campaign.


The aim of a catalog is for a range of available goods to be understood as quickly as possible and for it to be appreciated for its design. Thanks to these intrinsic qualities, catalogs are one of the most effective sales tools on the market.


If you want a printed or digital catalogue or both, our experts understand the importance of a good layout and easy to find categories that make this an important tool in your sales team.

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