Web Design Scope Discovery

1Cyber and its subcontractors adhere to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)standards and code of ethics. Our Web designs methodology follows 4 simple steps:

  • 1. Discovery Phase - Requirements are collected as part discovery which is the primary purpose of this form.
  • 2. Development Phase - Converting the requirements into a working website.
  • 3. Deployment Phase - Integrating third party services and going live.
  • 4. Maintenance Phase - Providing on-going support services to update and upgrade the website.

It is important that you provide as much details as possible so we may provide an accurate quote for the effort required to build your website.

Similarly the checklist below will serve as an excellent guide for you to estimate the scale of your intended project and future expansions where applicable.

Do visit our portfolio here to review the past projects that 1Cyber have undertaken.

1. Business or Personal

2. Domain Name (e.g. something.com.au)

3. DNS Name

DNS is a web directory which manages the address of your website, emails and other online services<

4. Web Hosting

Web Hosting service could include GoDaddy, CrazyDomains, NetRegistry. 1Cyber offers dedicated web hosting solutions.

5. Email Hosting

Email Hosting from cPanel (Less Secure) could be from GoDaddy, CrazyDomains, NetRegistry while Email Hosting from Commercial Services (More Secure) could be from Microsoft Office365 or Google GSuite.

Taking into considerations that all email communications sent from the website should maintain the highest level of trust, 1Cyber offers Microsoft Office365 Email Hosting Solutions. This is especially important if you do not want emails sent from your website whether it is for notifications or eCommerce transactions to land on the recipient's junk mailbox.

6. Type of work requested?

For integration with 3rd-Party Services, please ensure that you have created the account e.g. Mailchimp, Facebook Page, Youtube Channels, Google Account, AusPost, Sendle, etc...

For integration with payment gateway e.g. Paypal, Stripe, etc..., please ensure you have created the account as Business and not Personal. Also ensure that the banking account is connected to avoid delays of integrating with the website.

For the purpose of integrating with the website, we will be requesting login information so that we can retrieve the API keys from the accounts. Once that is completed, you can reset your password to the accounts.

7. Website Collateral

Website Collaterals include Images, Videos, Brochures, Datasheets, Copywriting, Photographs that will be used to build a website.

8. On-Going Web Maintenance

While the creation of the website for online prescence is important, so is the on-going support to make changes and updates to the website to reflect current information, offerings and changes.

Once the newly implemented website is completely functional and operational, there may be new requirements, enhancements or improvements which the customer wants to implement on the website.

Features improvements could include:

  • Integration with other social media that was previously not identified.
  • Integration with other 3rd Parties previously not identified or requires custom development.
  • Integration with other eCommerce platforms e.g. eBay and Gumtree.
  • Bot Chats to communicate in realtime with Customers.
  • Pop-Ups to encourage sale closure or collect Customer Information.
  • Alternatives to importing products into WordPress.
  • Automated order fulfillment to 3rd parties.
  • Automated reporting requirements.

Website Enhancements could include:

  • Continuous updates (Photos, Videos and Copywriting) to website content.
  • Changes to layout, through code level or themes switching.
  • Additional pages to provide static or dynamic content.

Website Updates could include:
  • Add / Move / Delete of products on eCommerce
  • Adding of Coupons and Promotions
  • Changing of Shipping Providers
  • Adding of new payment gateways

On-going Web Support are available for 1Cyber clients with the use of pre-purchased in blocks of 10 Support Hours at $150.00 inc GST per hour. Once the support hours are paid, customer can engage 1Cyber with the new requirements.

Each work request will be presented with a quote (consumed hours) for approval prior to actual work.