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Cloud Readiness Service

A move to a cloud environment may not be right for you given your business needs, or it could potentially be very disruptive and complex and it is best you understand that early.

With pressures to improve your flexibility, reduce your costs and improve your time to market, it makes sense to investigate whether your business would benefit from investing in a cloud solution.


Following our cloud readiness service, you will be in a strong position to decide if the cloud is right for you and you will have a well thought out and coherent plan to get the most from any cloud engagement for your business.
We will review your current IT infrastructure maturity and spend, before working with you to determine your future IT requirements.

That will help uncover both your business and technical needs, as well as help you benchmark yourself against other similar organisations.

The report will help you:


  • Refine your vision for the cloud.
  • Better understand, identify and address any gaps or areas of concern.
  • Properly qualify your cloud needs and requirements.
  • Identify whether you would benefit from a private, public or hybrid cloud approach.
  • Help support any financial business case.
  • Identify the basis for developing an actionable cloud roadmap for the future.

You get Access to Independent, Highly Skilled and Certified Consultants

Our experienced team will be able to provide you with an objective maturity and cloud readiness assessment, highlighting all areas of concern, identifying risks and providing options at an early stage.

Better Understand the Business Impact and Resourcing Requirements

We will help stimulate a discussion of cloud within your business and help you align cloud adoption to your overall business strategy, as well as provide you with a list of success criteria. We will help ensure that any future solution is accurately sized, planned and priced.

Identify the Best Cloud Models and Highlights your Particular Benefits

Our team will help determine the best cloud model for your needs, taking into consideration factors such as security, availability, cost etc. You can be confident that you would have the right cloud model for your needs based on the identified benefits.

You Enjoy Accelerated Results from a Trusted IT Services Partner

We will provide you with comprehensive scoring across all knowledge areas and will highlight critical success factors, in addition to identifying a high-level plan for cloud migration should the business case support that.

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