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Advantages of Managed Security Services

With the advancements in data reporting gleaned from security information and event management (SIEM) tools and adjacent solutions, every security team today can face information overload and paralysis. To gain clarity within this murk, the practice of threat analysis has emerged and continues to evolve with time. With it, security professionals can find and fix the most pressing issues among the incidents reported daily.


Noisy vulnerability management tools can generate too many tasks. Poorly tuned threat intelligence systems may not filter signal from noise and provide too much data that can keep teams occupied with repeated, low-value tasks. The dozens of point security solutions require specific knowledge and mastery, which takes time to achieve and maintain. Add the ongoing shift from a perimeter defense mindset toward compliance and risk-based approaches. It becomes clear why teams find it harder than ever to focus efforts on threats that can generate the worst impact.


Our managed security services will ensure real-time protection of your ever-changing IT infrastructure from rapidly evolving security threat.

Proper protection built within a short time frame and at a reasonable cost

1Cyber’s security team provides:

  • A set of managed security services with standardized processes and templates.
  • Security consultants available at the discovery stage and ready to constantly collaborate with customers’ IT operations and development teams.
  • Advanced cloud security tools.

Coverage of all cybersecurity aspects without big investments into security

1Cyber’s security team ensures:

  • No substantial upfront investments.
  • The usage of primarily cloud-based security components to minimize costs.
  • The availability of competent security architects, administrators, analysts, and security testers to cover all the duties of a security operations center (SOC).

Advanced threat protection

1Cyber’s security team provides:

  • Advanced event and flow analysis leveraging threat intelligence of the managed SIEM system.
  • SIEM and log management.
  • Protection against the perimeter and insider threats.

End-to-end managed security services

1Cyber’s security team offers:

  • Pricing based on service consumption.
  • Mature project management for optimized resource utilization.

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