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From a Plan on a Page, to an Innovation Strategy.

Our experienced IT Consulting team will provide you with the highly secure, highly available technology platform that you need to support your business operations and provide you with a competitive edge.

We can help define and align your IT Strategy, deliver the right skills and expertise, save you time and money, make complex projects simple and protect your valuable business data. We will build a solid network and seamlessly transform your business to achieve in an competitive marketplace.

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IT Strategy and Advice

With the pace of change accelerating, you need an IT Strategy that aligns your technology with your specific business requirements.

Your IT both underpins everything that your business does, as well as provides you with a way of differentiating yourself in a competitive marketplace. It is therefore critical that your IT strategy is aligned to your business outcomes, otherwise the cost and risk to your business could be enormous.

We will thoroughly review your IT delivery and then create an appropriate roadmap for IT transformation in your business. That will provide you with:

  • An end-to-end review of your IT, including systems, management, security, applications, lifecycles, provisioning and users.
  • A gap analysis, highlighting areas where IT could be improved to meet the needs of your business.
  • A well defined roadmap, highlighting next steps, deliverables, timescales and priorities, as well as justifications for each activity.

You and your leadership team will have a much better understanding of how technology can help enable your business and a much better appreciation of how important technology is to wider business goals. Additionally, it will help justify needed increases in budget or talent.

You will find that, as a business, you are more aware of the strategic value of your data and information flows. This will help you run your operations more efficiently and will give you an improved competitive advantage, while helping get you out of a reactive pattern of responding to issues in an ad hoc way.

Technology that is misaligned, out of date or no longer useful can be identified and retired. You can also standardise solutions across your business, allowing you to scale your operations with greater ease and ensuring that your entire team have access to the right tools to get the job done.

By properly aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy, you will no longer have fragmented solutions that are difficult and costly to support. You will be able to standardise and consolidate systems across your business, which will result in IT cost savings.

By undertaking an IT strategy review, you will be forced to consider the effectiveness of your IT solutions against a diverse range of factors, including legal, compliance and regulatory factors. By improving visibility, you aid the ongoing management of risk within your business.

IT Project Services

Using a framework that is replicable and robust, we undertake IT Projects on your behalf that are designed to provide you with proven technology solutions that meet your business goals.

This service is particularly valuable when you don’t have the skilled resources needed to deliver on these projects yourself, or if you would like to engage with a proven partner to ensure that costs don’t spiral, that the project remains on schedule and that it meets the agreed specifications.

Our experienced team work hard to identify your business needs, before coming up with an agreed plan and project scope. Our team then take you through the entire project life cycle to successful completion and review.
Example IT projects include:

  • Server migrations and server virtualisation.
  • Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud migrations.
  • Office and IT relocations.
  • New site openings.
  • Unified communication rollouts.

We have the proven skills, knowledge and ability to help you manage change within your organisation, delivering positive outcomes from our IT Project services.

Complex IT projects can be delivered quicker and with less disruption to your business, which means that you can start using and taking advantage of your new IT solution sooner. This leads to a better return on your investment.

You can be sure that your new project is going to bring about the change that you need to make your more competitive in your industry, helping you save money, increase your productivity and transform your business.

Our experienced IT team use their extensive knowledge and experience, along with accepted industry guidelines to ensure that your IT project is delivered on time, to specification and on budget. Our focus is to ensure that you get the IT solution that you need to transform your business.

By engaging with expert engineers who have a lot of exposure to and experience delivering similar projects for other customers, you are less likely to be affected by unforeseen issues that could potentially impact your IT project. The upfront cost may be higher than if you used an internal resource, but the time saved and the hassle avoided will mean reduced costs for you and your business.

IT Audit Services

An IT Audit focusses on more than just your technology. It provides you with a holistic overview of your IT and how that fits with your business plans, highlighting opportunities and benefits, as well as risks.

We understand that you are most likely caught up in the day-to-day running of your business. We also recognise that IT often doesn’t get the focus it needs to ensure that it continues to meet your requirements and/or if there are technology alternatives available that could potentially transform your operations.

Our IT Audit team have a deep understanding of industry best practice. They also bring with them a multitude of recognised credentials, as well as a wealth of experience.

They will produce a comprehensive IT audit report that includes a complete review of your:

  • Servers and Desktops
  • Networking and Security
  • Applications and licensing
  • Hosting and Internet Access
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Telephony
  • IT Team and stakeholders
  • Technology Suppliers and Costs

A thorough gap-analysis will highlight any areas of concern and ways to consolidate, rationalise and make cost savings, while also uncovering ways to improve performance, productivity and efficiency across your business will be uncovered.

Your IT Audit will provide you with valuable information that will help you tackle any risks related to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data and technology. This will allow you to improve the reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of your IT systems and services.

Your IT Audit will help uncover the source of any performance issues and will provide advice on the course of action you can take to eliminate or reduce those issues, which will help with your team’s satisfaction, productivity and effectiveness.

It is crucial that your business follows all local laws, industry regulations and compliances. Your audit will help identify if you are falling short, which will allow you to make changes in order to ensure compliance. That will, in turn, help improve your IT governance as you will have a much better understanding of the controls, risks and value of your technology and data.

You will get recommendations based on the IT audit that will identify where you could do better. You can then prioritise those and use them to help ensure that your technology fully supports your business goals. That could be actions to reduce your support issues, ensuring you have up-to-date software across your business or that your security is fit for purpose in an evolving cyber-security landscape, for example.

At the same time, it is important that you demonstrate a positive return on your existing investment in technology. Your IT audit will uncover inefficiencies and will help you ensure that you are utilising your assets optimally.

Often it takes an independent set of eyes to spot issues or raise thought provoking questions. Our experienced team will be able to sanity check your technology setup, make sure you have reliable systems in place and generally ensure that you are paying the right amount to your technology vendors.

Software Licensing Service

We know what a nightmare software licensing can be, with money, time and resource costs when you get it wrong.

We are here to ensure that you get the right software for your business needs, for the right cost. We are also here to help manage your license agreement to ensure that you are covered for the software your business uses.

Together, we will help you avoid costly mistakes, save you money and help you get access to the software that your business needs to succeed.

Using our extensive experience and the knowledge that we have built up working with countless customers, we can help interpret vendor rules, especially when it comes to cloud and hybrid software deployment.

Software licensing has become even more complicated with the introduction of the cloud, with many vendor models becoming even more complex than before. Irrespective of where you run any software, we can ensure that you enjoy the most cost-effective and flexible way of licensing that software.

There is nothing worse than being advised of a software audit when you licensing isn’t current or organised. You have the pain of potentially uncovering unlicensed software and the subsequent fines, as well as the lost time your team needs to try and find old licensing agreements, some of which could be missed. We take that hassle away for you and help ensure you always remain compliant.

We have seen so many cases where software has been discontinued but a business keeps paying for licensing annually. We can help you tighten up your systems and ensure that you are only paying for the software that you are actually using as a business.

Trying to find an elusive license can be a massive pain. It may have been emailed, or posted. It may be in in a filing cabinet, or with your IT Service provider. It is imperative that you have an IT partner with a proven system that you know you can rely on to manage your business software licensing.

IT Infrastructure Service

Your business relies completely on your IT Infrastructure. It is vital that it works effectively, is secure, reliable and available.

We will provide you with the leading technology that you need to meet your business goals, reduce your costs, eliminate risks and remove unnecessary complexity. We will help maximise your return on investment, improve your efficiency and give you a robust platform to succeed.

We will look after your entire IT Infrastructure lifecycle, from initial planning and installation, all the way through to support, upgrading and decommissioning.
The types of IT Infrastructure projects that we can help you with include:

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure – MPLS, WiFi etc.
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Voice Infrastructure
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Taking advantage of our skills, knowledge and experience, you can enjoy the true business benefits of robust and integrated IT solutions that use proven technology.

Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a lasting return on your investment. We do that by understanding your specific needs and then finding the best technology solution to meet those needs, both now, and in the future.

You need to be confident that you can scale your operations with ease when you need to without major disruption. You also need to know that when your market changes that you have the systems and technology needed to support that change quickly, giving you a competitive edge.

Enjoy secure anytime, anywhere access to your business-critical applications and data, helping you improve your and your team’s efficiency, productivity and ability to collaborate. You will really appreciate a richer and a more satisfying user experience that will allow your team to work to their full potential.

You will know that our experienced engineers have designed and implemented an IT Infrastructure solution that has been specifically designed to meet your business needs. You can rely on that solution to work and work well, confident in the knowledge that if something does go wrong that you have a local team of experts available to help 24x7x365.

IT Procurement Service

Procuring the right IT hardware, software and licenses can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially when it goes wrong. We are unique as we provide our customers with a completely transparent, vendor-neutral approach to IT procurement.

That means that we do not look to make any margin off your technology purchases and we are not driven by meeting vendor targets. Instead, we pass on any discounts directly to you in a completely transparent way. We do this because we are interested in your long-term success, which means that we are more interested in ensuring that you get the right solutions for your specific business needs.

We offer a consultative approach that provides you with completely impartial advice, and then follow that up with a seamless, fully business aligned and cost-effective procurement service that ensures that you get the technology that you need on time and on budget.
We can procure a full range of IT products for you, including, but not limited to:

  • Server and Storage Equipment and Software.
  • Workstations and Mobile Devices.
  • Network Equipment and Software.
  • Security Software.
  • Communication Equipment and Software.
  • Third-Party Applications.
  • Software Licensing.

When you know that our only focus is your success, you know that we would only source the best technology for your needs, based on your budget. We are not there to up-sell or recommend any products based on increased margin or any particular vendor promotions.

We are happy to show you our cost prices and demonstrate that we are not making any margin off the procurement of IT hardware and software. If we receive any additional vendor discounts, we automatically pass them on to you.

We are vendor-neutral, but we also have the opportunity to procure a lot of hardware and software from an array of leading vendors for our customers. We use our economies of scale and our strong vendor relationships to source hardware and software quickly, dealing with any issues efficiently with expert knowledge and better support.

IT Procurement is more than just delivering boxes on time and for an agreed cost. We can add value to the process by testing and pre-configuring equipment for you, shortening the time needed on site and making the entire process more seamless.

Licensing can be a minefield. Take advantage of our extensive experience and the knowledge built up working with a variety of customers to remain compliant as a business and get the most out of your software.

No boxes left around, but delivery coordinated with installation, including computers pre-configured on arrival if required. No mess or disruption.

IT Supplier Management Service

By outsourcing your IT Supplier relationships, you can reduce costs, improve performance, reduce hassles and mitigate risk.

We will provide you with support and guidance, helping you evaluate your current relationship management practices, improve your supplier management process and help you find ways of effectively reducing your supplier numbers to provide you with additional economies of scale.

We will be your single point of contact for all things IT.

We will use our technical expertise and experience to help you get the best value from your IT Suppliers. It all forms part of our ambition to be your trusted IT Services partner, helping you meet your business goals by streamlining all elements of your IT platform, not just elements that we are responsible for.

By looking after all of your technology needs and liaising with your preferred 3rd party suppliers on your behalf, you will enjoy a much more seamless and less time-consuming experience.

We use our industry experience and contacts to ensure quality of service, consistent delivery and value for money.

We take all of the hassle away from you by making recommendations based on your identified business needs and then fully manage your IT Supplier relationship going forward, saving you time and effort.

It is incredibly tough to manage supplier relationships. That often means that contract management and supplier management can be overlooked and neglected, which leads to delayed projects and general unhappiness. We have extensive experience working with a multitude of technology partners and their distribution functions and can take on your supplier management as part of a wider IT Partnership agreement.

We will provide you with completely transparent and regular updates regarding your IT suppliers. We will also demonstrate continuous performance improvement throughout the term of your agreements.

IT Security Service

Your data is your most valuable business asset. It is imperative that you keep it secure and protected at all times.

We work hard to provide you with the cost-effective, continuous protection and the deep security insight that you need to protect yourself. We do this by delivering security solutions that actively predict and identify potential vulnerabilities in what is a complex and evolving environment.

As the number and variety of threats to technology continues to grow, the requirement for up-to-date security infrastructure has grown as well.

It is unlikely that your business has the skilled security experts available to keep up and manage the right resources to address your security concerns.

Our experienced team will help you choose and integrate the security products, services, people, processes, strategies and tactics that are right for your business. We offer:

  • IT Security audits and testing.
  • Help with your security strategy.
  • Security architecture and implementation help.
  • IT compliance and security risk consultancy.
  • Threat and vulnerability management.
  • Incident management services.
  • Security education and awareness training.
  • Fully managed security services.

We work hard to deliver continuous protection and a consistent user experience across your diverse environments.

We will ensure that you get the most appropriate security infrastructure for your business, while also driving down your costs by providing you with access to a team of experts who would otherwise be cost prohibitive to employ directly.

You may find regulatory and compliance requirements daunting to adhere to. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that your IT Security platform remains compliant even as legal and industry requirements continue to change in order to meet the evolving security threat landscape.

Looking after your business’s data is a full-time endeavour. By engaging with us, you could get the peace of mind knowing that your IT Security is being monitored 24x7x365, reducing the time to detect and respond to any threats.

Looking after your own IT Security in house can be complex, risky, resource-intensive and time-consuming. By engaging with a trusted IT Security partner with experience rolling our robust and secure technology platforms, you can focus on meeting more strategic needs of your business.

IT Networks and Cabling Service

You need a network that you can rely on. One that supports your business needs, both now and in the future.

Support your investment in hardware and software by adopting an efficient network design, built using quality components and installed by experienced network engineers. This will give you the high-speed data and communication network that you need to excel.

We can provide you with the entire range of mission-critical network services for your business, from your local area network (LAN), to your wide area network (WAN) and wireless network (WLAN).

Your network is particularly important as you look to take advantage of cloud and online backup services, improved communication services and the like. It powers your systems, transports your data and connects your users.

With the increase in BYOD and business mobility needs, it is also essential that your wireless network is fully integrated with your traditional cable network in a secure way.

We can provide you with:

  • A comprehensive network and cabling audit to uncover snags and help plan for the future.
  • A full consulting and business network design service from a proven team.
  • Network upgrades, relocations and network refurbishment.
  • Improved and secure connectivity to support your business needs.
  • Completely new, compliant and future focussed network design and installation.
  • Ongoing 24x7x365 network monitoring and support.

With the speed of technological change and the introduction of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) etc, it is imperative that you have a business network that can handle the demands that you put on it.

Know that you are getting a standards-based, compliant business network that will work for your business, both now and in the future. Knowing that you have a network that you can rely on, built by experienced cabling engineers using reliable components, will give you the confidence to focus on other aspects of your business.

As mentioned, we only use high-quality cabling, hardware and terminations and we fully test and guarantee all of our networks for added peace of mind. Anything less will lead to high maintenance costs, disappointment and issues.

If you network is old, disorganised and largely unstructured, it will have a huge impact on your business workflow and both the happiness and productivity of your team. With a well-documented cabling plan, you can minimise the costs of downtime and any future issues can be found and fixed quickly.

Cloud Readiness Service

A move to a cloud environment may not be right for you given your business needs, or it could potentially be very disruptive and complex and it is best you understand that early.

With pressures to improve your flexibility, reduce your costs and improve your time to market, it makes sense to investigate whether your business would benefit from investing in a cloud solution. Following our cloud readiness service, you will be in a strong position to decide if the cloud is right for you and you will have a well thought out and coherent plan to get the most from any cloud engagement for your business.

We will review your current IT infrastructure maturity and spend, before working with you to determine your future IT requirements.
That will help uncover both your business and technical needs, as well as help you benchmark yourself against other similar organisations.

The report will help you:

  • Refine your vision for the cloud.
  • Better understand, identify and address any gaps or areas of concern.
  • Properly qualify your cloud needs and requirements.
  • Identify whether you would benefit from a private, public or hybrid cloud approach.
  • Help support any financial business case.
  • Identify the basis for developing an actionable cloud roadmap for the future.

Our experienced team will be able to provide you with an objective maturity and cloud readiness assessment, highlighting all areas of concern, identifying risks and providing options at an early stage.

We will help stimulate a discussion of cloud within your business and help you align cloud adoption to your overall business strategy, as well as provide you with a list of success criteria. We will help ensure that any future solution is accurately sized, planned and priced.

Our team will help determine the best cloud model for your needs, taking into consideration factors such as security, availability, cost etc. You can be confident that you would have the right cloud model for your needs based on the identified benefits.

We will provide you with comprehensive scoring across all knowledge areas and will highlight critical success factors, in addition to identifying a high-level plan for cloud migration should the business case support that.

Virtualisation Service

Get the most out of your IT Infrastructure investment by virtualising core services, reducing your costs, adding resilience and improving performance. We will advise you on the services that would benefit most from virtualisation and then we will carefully plan, manage and test your migration to your new virtual environment following industry best practice and using proven technology solutions.

Virtualising can help you avoid the need to invest in more supporting IT infrastructure as your business grows, allowing you to run multiple instances on the same hardware at the same time.

Our virtualisation solutions will provide you with insight into your IT capacity and performance while ensuring that your business-critical applications run optimally at high service levels.

We can offer the following:

  • Server Virtualisation
  • Application Virtualisation
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Hardware Virtualisation
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Storage Virtualisation
  • Operating System (OS) Virtualisation

Transform your technology platform with our proven end-to-end virtualisation solutions.

Simplify your infrastructure setup while building in agility and scalability to support your business needs going forward, helping to ensure that you are future ready. Eliminate redundancy, accelerate IT service delivery and reduce operational and support costs, all while increasing performance.

By virtualising your IT infrastructure, you do more than just lower your costs, you also get better visibility into your performance bottlenecks, can easily scale your systems and reallocate resources to meet your business demand. You get access to an automated, agile infrastructure that is easier to manage and control.

We will help you build, run and scale your business workloads, decreasing your time to market for business-critical applications, all while providing improved infrastructure management that will dramatically reduce your operational cost and increase the reliability of your systems. Management of virtualised solutions is highly efficient, with a number of proven tools available to automate routine tasks.

Virtualisation makes backups and offsite replication for your data preservation and recovery purposes significantly easier. Virtualised solutions allow for mission-critical applications to be immediately available, with corrupted virtual systems able to be recovered in minutes. This is because the files that make up a virtual machine can be recovered to any suitable hardware without requiring any changes.

Backup and Continuity Services

You need to know that you can recover securely and rapidly when disaster strikes. To do so, you need to have a backup and continuity plan in place that is well designed, fully tested and continually reviewed to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

As a business that is reliant on technology, you recognise the risk posed should the worst happen. It is therefore critical that you have effective backups in multiple locations and a robust business continuity plan in place for the long-term well-being of your business.

There are a multitude of things that can go wrong that you would need to recover from. Those include everything from viruses and security breaches to data corruption, power outages and employee sabotage.

Each of these would affect your business-critical applications and data negatively. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?
  • Do you know how long it would take you to recover?
  • Have you recognised how costly downtime could be to you, both financially and to your brand?
  • What would happen to your business if you lost all of your data?

Get access to secure offsite systems and storage, with options that include the use of cold standby equipment to hot, instantly available recovery options.

Testing your backups and recovery plans can unlock a number of issues. It is therefore vital that they are tested regularly to ensure they remain fit for purpose, but it is often hard and disruptive to do that in-house. It is also critical that your systems are kept up to date, with any changes to your business requirements or technology environment being documented and incorporated into your plans.

Maintaining your own backup and business continuity infrastructure can be incredibly resource-intensive and costly. By engaging with a trusted IT Partner, you can avoid the hassle and costs while ensuring that you are covered at all times.

There is nothing worse than maxing out your current infrastructure and having to compromise to make things work. You can avoid that pain and rest easy knowing that as your backup and business continuity needs change, you can scale and adapt as needed to meet those changing needs.