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Switching and Routing

Switching and Routing Routing and switching are the basic functions of network communication. Routing and Switching are different functions of network communications. The main differences between Routing and Switching are as below.   The function of Switching is to switch data packets between devices on the same network (or same LAN – Local Area Network).… Continue reading Switching and Routing

Wi-Fi Mesh System

Wi-Fi Mesh System A mesh Wi-Fi system is when two or more Wi-Fi routers work together to provide a wider Wi-Fi coverage than a single router can; this gives users a single Wi-Fi network even though in the background every device automatically connects and disconnects from the individual routers to find the best coverage for… Continue reading Wi-Fi Mesh System

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Fibre Optics is more commonly used for the transportation of data where the links are longer than 200 metres. Many companies are now moving to fibre optics as the advantages outweigh other methods. Fibre optics has the ability to carry information for hundreds of kilometres faster and can handle the transfers of larger… Continue reading Fiber Optics

Unraveling Wifi and Network Cabling

Unraveling Wifi and Network Cabling   Data cabinets can be easily forgotten about and neglected. Left alone in their store rooms or comms cupboards to gather dust and mess! Different contractors and I.T. Staff come and go and before you know it, your data cabinet is so untidy that moving a patch lead or trying… Continue reading Unraveling Wifi and Network Cabling

Data Cabling

Data Cabling Data and telecommunications are one of the most expensive assets of your business is extremely important for businesses and companies to run efficiently and profitably. Its’ availability, security and redundancy depends on the structure and effectiveness of your companies’ cabling and wiring solution (infrastructure). We can design and deploy a cabling structure that… Continue reading Data Cabling