iiNet Business NBN Promotions

  • October 6, 2019

1CYBER is proud to Partner with iiNet as a Business Authorised Reseller. With this new partnership, we are now bringing you iiNet Business NBN promotions.

The NBN is about to make the internet faster and more reliable than ever before and will change the way you do business. All NBN plans come with included Netphone. Available only in NBN-ready areas.

Our Portfolio of Services

  • Application Development (Mobile Apps and Cloud Apps)
  • Cloud Solutions (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Consultancy Services (Current and Future State Assessments)
  • Hardware Solutions (Servers, Desktops, Laptops and more)
  • Logistics Solutions (Store, Stack and Rack)
  • Managed Services (Helpdesk, On-Site Tech and Remote Tech Support)
  • Marketing Solutions (Copywriting, Graphics Design and Video Production)
  • Network Solutions (Structured Cabling and WiFi Meshes)
  • Recovery Solutions (Data Recovery)
  • Security Solutions (Antimalware, Audits and Penetration Testings)
  • Software Solutions (Teamviewer, Office365, MYOB, Freshdesk and more)
  • Storage Solutions (Backups to Cloud Storage, Snapshots and Barebone)
  • Telecommunications Solutions (NBN and Internet)
  • Hosting Solutions (Shared Hosting, Virtual and Dedicated Servers)
  • Web Solutions (Web Design, Web Hosting, eCommerce and more)

And this is just the beginning.

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